Josiah and Julia Go to Church: A Child’s Guide to Church

28 July 2017

Josiah and Julia love to go to church. They love to venerate the icons, light candles, and eat the blessed bread. Sometimes they behave very well—but sometimes they make mistakes. Little ones can follow Josiah and Julia through the Liturgy and learn how even the youngest child can honor God by behaving properly in church.

 Product description

A new illustrated book entitled “Josiah and Julia Go to Church, written by Kelly Ramke Lardin and illustrated by Sheena Hisiro, has been released in 2011. The illustrator Sheena Hisiro exlains that «the book is a playful story for children, teaching them what they should (and shouldn’t) do in church».

Beyond any doubt, many parents are discouraged and disappointed when their child diplays disruptive behavior in the church. They have no idea how to teach them respect and discipline during the liturgy, and such difficulties eventually frustrate them.

The guidance and regulation of children’s behavior in church, especially in the early years, can prove to be decisive for their latter attitude and participation in the liturgy.The ways in which children are treated at church will stay with them the rest of their lives. It is an area of ministry that needs the careful consideration.

This book can be used as a guide to teach both parents and children how to handle issues concerning behavior and discipline in Church in effective and enjoyable ways.  It is a comprehensive andwell-illustrated book that provides tips for making kids enjoy church means and feel the church like their home.

A «mum reader» who is excited for the new book commented «The book is excellent in helping children actually see the difference between good and bad behavior.  It touches on lots of important parts of attending Liturgy that we as parents are constantly talking to our children about like how to make the sign of the cross and venerate the icons properly. It also shows how to properly light a candle, eat antidoro, and receive communion».

«What I personally appreciate about this book is how it reminds adults to keep the childish behaviors of their children in perspective. This “a little too noisy, too figety, too messy, too sleepy” season will pass. I promise. Soon enough you’ll make it all the way to the Lord’s Prayer before it suddenly dawns on you, “Hey! We didn’t have to leave the service once this morning!” Yes, indeed, our days of uninterrupted worship are just around the corner. For now, however, we offer back to Christ as a sacrifice of thanksgiving the effort required to train up in the way they should go the imperfect yet most beloved children in our care» says another reader.

But how Kelly Ramke Lardin came to write such a story? The inspiration and the motivation derived from her daughters. “it is a desire to raise my children in the faith, trying our best to serve God, that inspires much of what I write these days, and by God’s Grace I am finally producing work that I am eager to share with everyone!” says the author.

The book is published by Conciliar in English. 

About the Author: Kelly Ramke Lardin was born in Slidell, Louisiana. She holds degrees in French from the University of the South and Tulane University, and she studied translation at SUNY-Binghamton. She has always enjoyed writing and loves studying language. She converted to Orthodoxy shortly after marrying her husband, who is also a convert to Orthodoxy. While she has several academic and translation publications, Josiah and Julia Go to Church is her first published children’s book. It was inspired by and written for her children and their church friends.

About the Illustrator: Sheena Hisiro has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she is still drawing and loving every minute of it. Sheena has a BFA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. She is currently illustrating children’s books, designing greeting cards, and drawing cupcakes. She has illustrated four other books: The Boy Who Cried Wolf!, My Glasses, Bullying is BAD, and I Can Do It By Myself.