Liturgical Hymns. Tone plagal one – Choir of Saint Dimitrios’ church, Thessaloniki

1 November 2017

Saint Dimitrios, the patron saint of Thessaloniki, occupies a special place in the liturgical tradition of the city. The magnificent basilica, with the Grace-giving relics of the saint, is a source of consolation and blessing. The famous mosaics, the catacombs, and the Byzantine icons in the chapel of Saint Efthymios are some of the notable characteristics of the church. The tradition of Church singing was also cultivated in the choir stalls of Thessaloniki, with the exceptional choirmaster, the late Chrysanthos Theodosopoulos.

In honour of the choir and the work of the late choirmaster, we offer this live recording of the choir of the church singing liturgical hymns in the first plagal tone, in an arrangement by Konstantinos Psakhos.