The Search

21 February 2018

Whether You go,
I will follow You
with all my heart,
with all my consciousness.
from East to West
like a fiery arrow
in the ethereal sky veils.

And yet I will stand
in the earth spheres
like a feather
in the blowing wind
opening the gates
in all decades
from past to present.

I kneeled down
to the Almighty
giving promises of life
giving sacred vows
whether You go
I will follow You
in countless hours
in countless years
that are to come.

I covered my face
to the endless dark
longing with hope
the bright stars
to shine Your glory.

A new day came
as a wistful pray
a never-ending rainbow
Is it thy will;
that brings me joy;
that brings me relief;
I wondered…
waiting the sun rays
to lift me up in heaven..
beholding thy holy spirit.


© By Mina Boulekou
Copyright 2017
Author-Poetress- Columnist