Hymns after Psalm 50 in the Triodio, by Dimosthenis Païkopoulos (Open to me the gates of repentance – The multitude of my past iniquities)

6 March 2019


The period of the Triodio and Great Lent is very important for the spiritual life of the Church. This is because it prepares us properly for our participation in the greatest feast of the Church, the Lord’s Resurrection. The content of the hymns and the melodic accompaniment with which they are invested is one of the ways the Church uses to instruct the faithful in spiritual exercise and edification.

‘Open to me the gates of repentance, Giver of Life’ and ‘The multitude of my past iniquities’ are hymns which mark the beginning of the Triodio and characterize this liturgical period.

Dimosthenis Païkopoulos, a former 2nd Domestikos [deputy cantor of the left choir] of the Patriarchal church and one of the finest teachers of the art of Church singing, gives a wonderful rendition of these hymns.