Souls that love God

16 May 2019

makarios egiptiosSouls that love God and the truth don’t suffer even the slightest reduction in their passionate love for the Lord. Nailed entirely to His Cross, they feel spiritual well-being within themselves.

Wounded by desire for Him, then, even if they are found worthy of the Divine Mysteries and share in rejoicing and Grace, they have no confidence in themselves, nor do they believe that they’ve achieved anything. Instead, the more they’re given by way of spiritual gifts, the more they seek the things of heaven. And the greater their well-being, the greedier they become for things divine. Although they’re spiritually rich, they behave as if they’re poor.

Scripture tells us: ‘Those who eat of me will will become hungrier and those who drink of me will become thirstier’. Souls of this kind are found worthy of becoming completely free of the passions and of bearing the brilliance and communion of the Holy Spirit, in the fullness of Grace.

» Saint Macarius of Egypt