Servant or son?

1 July 2019

Dorothei Gaza, frescă Dionysiou, 1547 INIf we do good because we fear hell, we’re in the position of a servant; if we do it to get a reward, we’re like an employee; if we do it for its own sake then we’re in the position of a son.

Because a son does his father’s will not out of fear, nor because he wants some reward, but he wants to serve his father, to honor him and give him pleasure. And this is how we should handle charity, for the virtue itself, participating in the difficulties of others, as if they were the members of our own body.

We should serve others as if we ourselves were enjoying the fruits of our ministrations. We should give as if we ourselves were receiving. This is charity which is begotten through awareness. Thus, as we said, we’ll be in the spiritual state of being a son.