First they sow, then they reap

16 January 2020

We should be aware that each demon deals with a particular passion, which it plants first in the heart and then cultivates. Some demons are concerned with the passion of debauchery, others with that of blasphemy. Others incite anger and wrath. Others plunge people into sorrow and yet others produce vainglory and pride. Each of them strives to make a prisoner of our heart through the passion which attracts us most. They don’t pour out their poisons all together, but each one separately and in relation to how much, where and how the disposition and defenses of person concerned allows them to. For example, somebody doesn’t suddenly burst into stupid and lewd laughter if, at the same time, they’re being eaten up by sorrow. So there’s some sort of co-operation between the demons, even though, since they’re a disorganized rabble, they can’t maintain order and discipline among themselves.