Thirst and Light

3 January 2020


“The fields thirst for water and the mountains for snow.

The slave, she thirsts for freedom for so many years” (popular song).

Our poor soul thirsts for the light of the God-Man.

The year 2019 is over. Let us take a look at what happened. Unfortunately, the picture is not very encouraging.

Wars. Disorder. Poverty. Troubles. Refuges drowning in the sea. They are trying to find a better life. Do they achieve this? Not always.

Blood was spilled abundantly. Terrorists with knives slit the throats of the innocent. People lose their minds and kill indiscriminately with guns. Men. Women. Children. Students in school. So here it is: blood was shed abundantly in 2019.

The year 2020 is upon us. We gaze at it and ponder: what will happen?

Our wounded soul seeks light. It craves for peace. It hungers for love. It yearns for brotherhood. It aspires to happiness.

Who will give us all this? The mighty ones here on earth fail to do so. They are often confused. They only perceive their own interests. Of course, not everyone and not always.

What are we left with? The great hope. The incarnate God. The infant of Bethlehem. The only true God. Christ our Lord.

Wounded soul, whoever you are, faithful or unbelieving, Christian or non-Christian, seek out Christ. Cry out to Him. He will hear you. He will answer you. He is our only hope.

My beloved Christians, whoever you are, wherever you are, in the year 2020 let us all return to Christ. In Christ, we will find harmony. Peace. Consolation. True light. Do not be afraid of the darkness. Do not be afraid of evil. Do not be afraid of the terrorists. Do not be afraid of those who lack a sense of moderation and temperance. Evil will not prevail. Christ and His Light will brighten up the world. All we have to do, you and I, and each one of us, is to place Christ within our souls. This is my prayer for the New Year 2020.

With fatherly love and blessings in the Newborn Christ,