Saint George Visited Saint George Karslidis and they Talked all Night

24 April 2020

For about two years, a man called Anastasis Spyridopoulos put Saint George Karslidis up in his house, at the saint’s request. One night, Anastasis heard the hoof beats of a horse outside in the yard.

He went to the balcony and saw a young horseman, all aglow, dismounting and going up the steps. He entered the house and was heard opening the door to the Elder’s room.

Anastasis heard them talking all night long. The next morning, after the sun was up, he asked the Elder: ‘Did you have a visitor last night, Elder?’

‘Yes’, he replied. ‘It was Saint George. Since you saw him, why didn’t you get up and light the censer, ask him for something, call upon him, and you’d have got what you asked for’.

‘Unfortunately’, Anastasis now says, ‘I knew nothing of spiritual matters at that time…’