At some time, they lose it

25 June 2020

Those souls who are slothful and avoid labors, who don’t seek the sanctification of the heart in this life- not in part, but completely- should not expect to share in the communion of the Holy Spirit, nor to be liberated from the passions of wickedness. Even if they’re granted Divine Grace, they’re deceived by wickedness and abandon every spiritual care because they enjoy the merest taste of spiritual sweetness. So it’s easy for such souls to fall into pride, because they don’t strive to achieve perfect dispassion. Since they’re content with this slight augmentation of Grace, and make progress not in humility but in imperiousness, at some stage they’ll be stripped of the benefaction they’ve been given. Because, no matter how many thousands of virtues it has acquired, a soul that truly loves God is so modest that it seems not yet to have begun to live in accordance with God’s will. It greedily seeks and desires the divine love inspired by Christ the Lord.