Just the same

9 July 2020

All the other capacities which we glimpse around the divine nature surpass the measure of human understanding, but lowliness is implanted within us and co-exists with those who come from below, are composed of earthly material and who return to the ground. You acquire the characteristics of bliss when you imitate God insofar as this is naturally possible. Let no-one think that humility is achieved easily and without effort. Quite the opposite. It’s the most exhausting of all the virtues we seek. And why is this? Because when people who’ve received the seeds of good aren’t vigilant, they’re susceptible to the opposite seeds from the enemy of our life and these give rise to the weed of pride within us. It was in the same way that the enemy cast himself down to earth, dragging down with him the wretched race of humankind in a common fall.