Spiritual Adultery

2 October 2020

A thought, that is, a wish, a desire or a recollection which crosses swords with the spirit, is an illegitimate child. It’s not from God, nor from my spirit which is kin to and unites with the Father.

Distraction of the nous is adultery. It’s as if I introduce a strange woman into my spirit and this woman becomes a rival of God, or, let’s say, an idol, that is, the person with whom I commit adultery. This is why God and the prophets call idolatry adultery. Moreover, Holy Scripture habitually calls ‘idols’ our thoughts and words, that is, our opinions, our ideas, our hobby-horses. And when we see the Israelites falling into idolatry, victims of their thoughts, cogitations and the underlying reasons for their thinking, Holy Scripture says of them ‘the sons of Israel prostituted themselves’ (Judges 2, 17; Hos. 4, 12; and passim).