The whole secret is ardent love for Christ

16 June 2021

‘Those who love a little, give little; those who love a lot, give more; and those who love a great deal, what can they give? They give themselves’.

Christ and joy
Christ wants to spread joy and is pleased by doing so, by enriching his faithful with joy. He wishes ‘that your joy may be complete’. This is our religion. This is where we should go. Christ is our Paradise. What’s Paradise? It’s Christ. Paradise starts from here. It’s exactly the same. Those who experience Christ here on earth, experience Paradise. It’s just as I’m telling you. This is right, it’s true, believe me. Our task is to try and find a way to enter the light of Christ, not merely to observe the formalities. What really matters is being with Christ. For our soul to wake up, to love Christ and to become holy. To give in to ardent love of God. Then he’ll love us back. He’ll be our joy that nobody can take from us. This is what Christ wants more than anything: to fill us with joy, because he’s the fount of joy… Ardent love of Christ is something else. There’s no end to it and it’s never satisfied. It gives life, it gives resilience, it gives health, it gives and gives and gives. And the more it gives, the more we want to love. Human love can eat away at us, can drive us mad. When you love Christ, all other loves fade. Other loves have a saturation point. Love for Christ hasn’t.


Our inner disposition affects others
We have the power to be able to transmit good or evil to our surroundings. These are very delicate matters. We need to be very careful with them. We have to see everything in a good light. We shouldn’t think anything bad about other people. Just a look or a sigh has an effect on them. Even the least show of disappointment does harm. We should have goodness and love in our soul. That’s what we have to get across to others. We have to be careful not to be exasperated with people who injure us, and instead just pray for them with love. We shouldn’t think badly of others, whatever they do. We should always pray lovingly. We should always think about what’s good.

When we have bad thoughts, some sort of bad force emerges from us and is transmitted to the other person, in the same way as the voice is transmitted through sound waves, and the other person really does suffer something bad. Something like the evil eye happens when people have bad thoughts about others. It’s not God who causes evil but the wickedness of people. God doesn’t punish, but our own bad intentions are mysteriously transmitted to the soul of the other person and this is what does harm.

Christ never wants harm. On the contrary, he commands us: ‘bless those who curse you…’. There’s a part of our soul within us which is ‘moralistic’. When moralists catch someone in a trespass, they’re affronted, even though they themselves have committed the self-same trespass. They don’t chastise themselves, however, just other people. This isn’t what God wants. In the Gospel, Christ says: ‘You teach others; do you not then teach yourself? You preach against stealing; do you then steal?’ [Rom. 2, 21]. We may not steal, but we still envy others. We condemn others, but not ourselves. We say, for instance: ‘You should have done this. You didn’t, so it serves you right’. In reality, we actually want the other person to be harmed. When we think evil, then it really can occur.

[…] Is it possible for people to think ‘If so and so continues to behave like that, God will punish them’, and to believe that they’re saying it without badness? It’s not immediately obvious. It’s a very mysterious thing what’s in our soul and how this can have an effect on people and things. There’s an invisible life, the life of the soul. It’s very powerful and can affect others, even if they’re kilometers away… Without speaking, we can transmit good or bad, never mind how far away we are from our neighbor. What isn’t openly expressed is usually more powerful than words… If we see with Christ’s love, everything will be transformed, transmogrified, transmuted, transfigured. Anger, rage, jealousy, envy, frustration, ingratitude, melancholy and depression will become love, joy, longing, and ardent divine love. Paradise!