On Inequality

1 February 2022

Inequality is wiser and is preferable to equality. Inequality was placed as the very foundation of the created world. We should rejoice over this inequality and not rebel against it, because it was put in place by love, not by hatred; by wisdom, not derangement. Our life isn’t wretched through a shortage of equality, but because of a lack of love and spiritual understanding among us. Add more of the love of God and a better spiritual understanding of life and you’ll see that even twice as much inequality couldn’t vitiate the bliss people would feel. People are unequal because they’re not all needed in the same way: Alexander the Great and Diogenes weren’t equally weak; Peter and Alexios, again, weren’t equally able to love; Paul and Judas weren’t equally fitted to justice.

Making everything equal results in a weakening of creation. Life is based on inequalities.

If you really look carefully at yourself, you’ll see that you don’t really want equality. What you actually want is the elevation of the small and weak to the same level as the great and mighty. This is a very noble aspiration. But, because you don’t have the power to elevate the small and weak, you bring down the great and the mighty to the lower level.

If you’re interested in life, you’re also just as interest in victory. But a life that contains the word victory, must also contain the word inequality. God gave strength to the powerful so that they could help the weak; wealth to the rich so that they could carry out works of charity; wisdom to the wise, so that they could teach the ignorant and make the foolish understand.

The Lord shared his gifts among people in an inequal way so that, because of this inequality, there’d be constant activity in people’s life. Nobody’s to blame that they didn’t enter this life with greater potential. But they will be responsible if they don’t develop their gifts to the full, if they don’t use their gifts to justify their existence and to carry out their mission.