Word for Easter 2022

26 April 2022

The Almighty Jesus showed us the only path that leads to the Resurrection: to accept and suffer afflictions, even deadening, for the sake of His holy Name worthy of all veneration, for the sake of obedience to His commandment, without falling into the treacherous pit of self-pity, without sparing ourselves, but surrendering with trust like children to His good Providence.

The Lord has descended unto the lowest hell, having every mortal soul as the content of His heart. He also descends to the dark depths of our hardened heart, mystically burying Himself in its sepulchre and quickening it with His humble love.

When we suffer, we bear the suffering Christ within us. And the Spirit Who glorified Christ descends into the hearts of the outcast and despised, who patiently endure ‘the great tribulation’, longing for union with Him. In the bridechamber of the contrite and pained heart, the Lord and the bride-soul become one. When He rises, He breaks the soul free from the bonds of death, resurrects her together with Himself and leads her into the eternal event of the Resurrection in the unfading Light of the Kingdom of God.

He remains silent for three days in the tomb, that He may rise again and declare with greater clarity the mystery of the ways of His salvation.