‘Your hand which touched’ – G. Hatzichronoglou

5 January 2023

The doxastiko of the 9th Hour at the Great Hours on the Lord’s feast of the Theophany, in plagal tone one. This doxastiko is an excellent example of our Church’s poetic and musical tradition. It’s for two choirs, that is, it’s divided into parts and sung by each choir alternately. It was composed by Iakovos Protopsaltis. The masterful rendition of the piece is by the Archon Hymnist of the Great Church of Christ, Georgios Hatzichronoglou.

Raise, Baptist, on our behalf, your hand which touched the undefiled head of the Lord, the hand with whose finger you pointed Him out to us. You have great boldness, since it was testified by Him that you are the greatest of the prophets. Raise also to Him, Baptist, your eyes, which beheld the All-Holy Spirit descending in the form of a dove, ensuring mercy for us. Come and stand with us, confirming our hymn as the chief celebrant of the feast.

Image and video editing by Leonidas Tsoukalas, teacher of Byzantine Music at the Ecclesiastical Institute of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.