The Meaning of Life

22 June 2022

The significance of life is the most urgent issue. This is above all a question of treatment and not a question of theoretical discussion. All humanity is now entering the stage of finding the meaning of life extraterrestrial because it has already realized that there is no happiness in technological progress. I do not think we can understand the full meaning of human life, it is only possible in the infinite gaze of the Creator. The meaning of life is completely subjective and varies from person to person. The issue is not metaphysical, it is moral and religious.  We can say that religious experience can be the sense of life and love that attains a full understanding of life. For instance, you won’t know the power of wine until you try it.

The Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl (1982) defines the meaning of life as a state that a person seeks to achieve to give their life a value and meaning that is worth living and occurs as a result of the satisfaction of its principal motive represented by the desire for meaning.” It is a condition that makes a person unable to live at the same time without having access to the meaning that satisfies this fundamental impetus towards life.

Many people in the world have a sincere inclination towards God, to discover, relate to, and depend upon the guidance and providence of God. The meaning of life is the water from a spring that arises in the human heart.  Although the concept of life also has a structural significance, the interpretation of the meaning of life, stereotypes, and all constitute the transient unconsciousness of a person. The significance of religious life lies in the observance of all the demands of God of man. So it is important to pray – the fruits of prayer are the deepening of faith – the fruit of faith is love – and love in action is service to others, and therefore acts of love are acts of peace – this is the meaning of life. You must apply heavenly wisdom in your actions, or you will feel depressed and ask what the meaning of life is.

One can infer the meaning of life against the meaning of death. This means that in examining the meaning of life, the events that take place after death are important. Time is the prospect that gives meaning to human life because only human knows to what extent their life is limited. To know the meaning of life one must measure the meaning it can give to human existence. If you do not know the essence of grace, mercy, honesty, equity, justice, dedication, and holiness – then you do not know what life is all about.

So the meaning of life is the pursuit of the human mind to discover the divine meaning because the life is an adaptation of original cosmic causality to the demands and possibilities of states of the universe and is shaped by the action of the cosmic mind and the activation of God’s spiritual flame that is the soul. We are all made by God to have a relationship with him because through Him we will obtain grace. As Saint Paul said in (Philippians 3:14) I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. The true meaning of our terrestrial or eternal life can be realized by reforming our relationship with God.